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Products > Prism Zero G Glider Kite

NEW, zero wind dream.

Prism Zero G Glider Kite
By Prism Designs
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Product Description
Skill Level: Beginner - Expert
Kite Size: 42" x 47" (106 x 119 cm)
Wind Range: Indoors - 10 mph (Indoors - 16 kmh)
Pull: Light
Frame: Pultruded Carbon
Sail: Ripstop Polyester
Flying Line: 100 x 20 lbs Braided Polyester (30 m x 9 kg)

Review (mine): I flew this in a park with Mark Reed (Founder/Owner Prism Designs) at a park in Seattle, and all I can say is wow. Truly a zen like experience to watch this thing glide effortlessly through the air. Construction is top notch. Packaging, instruction, etc. are first rate. I expect these to be extremely popular and in very high demand.

Description (Prism's):

Imagine a kite that glides magically on the lightest air currents, defying gravity with the lift of a high-performance sailplane and weighing less than 2 ounces. Toss it as a glider with no string attached, or soar through the sky with precise control just by pulling and releasing the line. The Zero G is a true canard-style aircraft, with the smaller wings facing forward in tethered and gliding flight. Unlike traditional kites, it will glide like a airplane when you release the line, making it incredibly easy for beginners and experts alike because it can't stall and fall out of the sky. Pull it up over your head and then slack the line to watch it glide as far as space allows, tantalizing you to skip out of work early on those light wind days.

Conceived in collaboration with celebrated Malaysian designer Ceewan, the Zero G concept was inspired by Reinhold Platz, chief designer for the Fokker Aircraft Company after WW1. Decades before the modern hang glider, he built and flew a full-scale canard-winged craft that folded up to carry on a bicycle. With small wings in front, the canard configuration allows a virtually stall-proof glider that will float eerily in a level attitude even when it's barely flying forward. A clever dynamic bridle adjusts the angle of the forward wings in flight according to the tension on the line, allowing the kite to behave as a kite under tension and a glider whenever the line is released.

With its tensioned fabric wing and minimalist structure, the ZG is high-tech flying art that looks as good as it flies. Hang it on the wall when you're not flying and watch form and function dance together in this remarkable flying machine.

Packs up small in a protective zippered shell case, includes an ultralight carbon fiber frame, Ripstop Polyester sail, custom molded fittings and and 100 feet of 30# Braided flying line on a polycarbonate winder.
Product Status: In stock

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