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Products > Prism Snapshot 1.4 Dual Line Foil

Mid-size kite, big fun.

Prism Snapshot 1.4 Dual Line Foil
By Prism Designs
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Product Description
Discontinued but a few available. 2017 stock!

Wingspan: 56". Wind Range: 4-25mph. Sail: Ripstop Nylon. Pull: Medium. Speed: Moderate. Includes a nice case, Spectra Lines, winder, and wrist straps.

Includes our exclusive PERSONAL CUSTOMER CARE commitment.

The affordable new Snapshot series fits radical aerial thrills in your pocket, your briefcase, or the glove box of your car. Exceptionally fast and hard-pulling in all three sizes, even the diminutive 1.2 will keep you on your toes when the wind picks up. Unlike most parafoils, the Snapshot sports a tight, responsive turn response that feels like driving a finely tuned sports car as compared to a truck; it just feels good carving up the sky.

Smaller than the foils you’d use for buggying or kiteboarding, these wings are the ideal intro to power kiting and dual-line control. They’re great for learning the basics because there’s nothing to break when you crash, but you’ll bring yours everywhere once you get the hang of it because they’re just so much fun. Carefully shaped inlets keep the wing from collapsing in gusty wind, a constant problem with lesser designs, and the elliptical planform with a new airfoil profile minimizes drag for awesome speed and acceleration. Complete with Spectra lines already attached, flight straps, winder, and tail, the Snapshot will make a wind junkie out of you on your first breezy day.

Review: I really like all of the Snapshot models. This pulls harder than the 1.2, but won't pull too hard for the beginners. In strong winds, it generates a smooth, precise pull throughout the wind window. Very stable, very durable, and very colorful. A top pick.
Product Status: In stock
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