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Q: Do you have a retail location?

A: Yes. We are in a beautiful new building (March 2010) right on the Huntington Beach Pier. We have more than 600sq.ft. with 12.5’ ceilings. Please stop in and visit.

Q: If the web site says a product is in stock, does that mean it is at your store?

A: Not always. Many products on our web site are kept at a storage facility as we often ship from off site do to limited space.

Q: What is your low price guarantee?

A: I laugh at that one. I don’t have one, but if I did, it would probably read: "I guarantee that if you look long and hard enough, you will usually find a lower price somewhere". Every industry has its prostitutes. I’ve been in this business 28 years. I'm not about discounts.  I'm about customer service and a superior shopping experience. If your only concern is the lowest price, we are not the store for you. If VALUE is your thing, we are. 

Q: What is your excellence guarantee?

A: If you aren't totally thrilled with your shopping experience, neither am I. You may return almost any item within 30 days for a complete refund, store credit, or exchange. I do my best to provide enough product  information to help you make the right decision, but let's face it, that's tough to do on a computer.  All in store purchases must have original sales receipt, otherwise the return amount will equal the lowest price the item sold for. The bottom line....we will be excellently fair and make things right.

Q: How does your service differ from others?

A: First of all, my job is to make sure you are making the right product choice. I do this by talking to you or emailing. There are a lot of great products, but they might not all be great for you.  Why spend $180.00 on a kite when a $100.00 model does what you need?  I provide my PERSONAL CELL PHONE NUMBER with every purchase. Why? Picture these TWO scenarios: ONE: You order a brand new sport kite. You take it to the flying field for the first time. You’re excited.  You don’t understand how the stand- off’s connect to the spreader bars (just as an example). You spend 20 minutes and just can’t get it.  You get frustrated, put your kite back in the bag and drive home. SCENARIO TWO: Everything the same, except instead of spending 20 minutes trying to figure it out, you pull out my cell phone number, call me, and 2 minutes later you are assembled and ready to fly. Which would you prefer?


Q: Does the FREE SHIPPING offer apply to everything?

A: Almost. There are a few oversized or extra heavy items that will incur a shipping charge, but I do my best to note that in the description.

Q: What is the difference between SPORT kites, TRICK kites, and STUNT kites?

A: Absolutely nothing. For years they were only called stunt kites. Now, they are called Sport or Trick kites just as often.

 Q: How do I choose the right Sport kite?

A: I suggest reading the descriptions carefully, and narrow it down to a couple different models. Then toss a coin (just kidding). If you need help, that’s what I’m here for. PLEASE, call me. With a few questions, I can certainly help you choose the right kite.

Q: How important are the flying lines on a kite?

A. Extremely. In fact, the right lines are just as important as the right kite, especially with sport kites. Nylon, Dacron, or Polyester rule the single line kite world, while SPECTRA is King with sport kites. Remember, BRAIDED IS BEST!

Q: What type of line is included with kites?

A: 99% of the time, if flying line for SINGLE LINE KITES is included from the manufacturer, it is twisted Nylon, or similar. "Twisted" refers to the manufacturing process in which a few smaller strands of fiber are twisted together to form one larger, stronger strand. This is a very quick, and low cost manufacturing technique. These lines are adequate for occasional recreational flying, but if you will fly more than a few times a year, an upgrade to BRAIDED line is recommended. Included factory lines for SPORT KITES can range from twisted Nylon (a waste in my opinion, and in fact I will not sell a sport kite with this type of line) to pure braided Spectra lines (best). Quality varies greatly with Spectra lines, as while the fibers may be the same, the braiding techniques and processes vary greatly. Best to inquire.

Q: Do you have everything on your web site that you do at your store?

A: Now that's funny. No. But I'm working on it (should be done about 2033). If you are local, stop in and visit. If you are looking for something in particular that you don't see on the site, call or send an e-mail. Chances are I have it, and if I don’t, I can probably get it quickly.

Q: Is your store pricing the same as your web site pricing?

A: Unless there is a "web only" special price listed, then they should be the same or at least close.

Q: What are the different kiting services you offer?

A: Just about anything you can think of. Corporate team building, private "Kite Parties" for birthday's, scout groups, etc., professional sport kite demonstrations, grand openings, sporting events, school assemblies, carnivals, TV Commercials (flew kites in a Lowe's commercial a few years back), major motion pictures (worked on the set of "It's Complicated" in September 2010 with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin), custom kite designs. You name it, we can do it.


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